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MA­RCH 26, 2­017

Using Data to Explore Uncharted Territories

Associate Professor Raffaella Sadun explains how she uses data to explore how investments in information technology by organizations impacts productivity. MORE

Peek Weekend

J­UNE 9–11, 20­17 — Application Deadline MA­Y 1, 20­17
Know a college student who would benefit from a peek at HBS? We’re seeking students who are majoring in STEM disciplines, come from a family-business background, or attend women’s colleges to join us for a week­end to participate in our case method classes, live on our campus, and meet current students and alumni. MORE

Alumni New Venture Finalists Named

Meet the four alumni firms that will square off in this year’s alumni New Venture Competition on Ap­ril 25. MORE

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HBX Courses
Negotiation Mastery

Whether you negotiate with customers, suppliers, or colleagues, your ability to negotiate effectively is vital to the success of your organization. Join senior fellow Michael Wheeler as he shows how to hone your negotiation skills to secure maximum value for your organization and yourself. MORE

Featured Event
Family Galápagos Islands Adventure on La Pinta

JU­LY 3-11, 20­17 / With Janet Browne
Begin in Quito before embarking on a five-day cruise through the Galápagos Islands. See indigenous flora and fauna and encounter inquisitive sea lions as you hike on pristine beaches and snorkel among sea turtles and tropical fish. MORE

Working Knowledge
What's the Ideal Frequency for a Sales Quota?

Sales reps feed on two forms of compensation: salary, and a bonus tied to achieving a periodic quota. Would a more frequent quota incentivize better numbers? Professors Doug Chung and Das Narayandas offer some answers. MORE



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